3 Alternatives to Towing a Crippled Boat

It is usually advisable to help a boater whose vessel has become crippled while at sea. However, it may not always be prudent or practicable for you to tow that crippled boat to a marina or port due to several factors, such as the lack of appropriate towing gear. This article discusses some options that you can consider in order to provide assistance to those affected people.

Take Them Aboard

One of the alternatives that you should consider in case you are unable to tow the boat to a nearby marina is to get its passengers and crew onto your boat. You should first tow that boat to a safe location nearby. For example, you can tow it to deeper water if it was at risk of hitting rocks in the location where you found it. Drop the anchor of that boat once it has reached the safe location. Take the people on board that vessel into your boat. Always make sure that your vessel is capable of carrying all those people that you are rendering assistance to. They should have their lifejackets on as they board your boat.

Buy Them Needed Supplies

Another option that you can consider is buying the supplies that can get that other boat to move on its own. For instance, you can head to a nearby marina to buy fuel or a battery for that crippled boat. Bring these supplies and wait until the boat is operational again. You can then set off on your journey once you are sure that they no longer need any additional help.

Call for Help

Finding a boat that needs help should never put you and your boat in any avoidable danger. For example, you should not risk damaging your boat engine by towing a boat that exceeds the towing capacity of your boat. Instead, get in touch with others who can provide the needed assistance. For instance, you can contact the local police or the coast guard. Those authorities will know which people should be notified to assist the stricken boat without creating any additional problems.

It can often be hard for someone to think clearly about the different alternatives available when they receive a distress call from a boat out at sea. The best way to deal with such situations is to prepare for them before they occur. Use this information as a starting point for you to find other things that you can do to help those whose boats have developed problems. Providers of marine services can be helpful in equipping you with all the information that you may need if you ever find yourself needing to help another boat at sea.